Destineez Child is an Artist Collective focused on creating social commentary dealing with class, commoditization, and self-made entrepreneurship. DC uses mediums such as the internet, video and performative installation. While there is a serious nature in DC subject matter; humor, sarcasm, and entertainment play major roles in the execution of all projects.


Destineez Child members take on personae depending on the nature of the project. Overall they are naïve, self-taught entrepreneurs that focus in on living the high-end of low culture. Feeling that they are in the limelight at all times, their mission being to educate their fans and the public on whatever they are interested in at the time. The awareness they feel they bring to the public usually is closely followed by some sort commoditization of the idea.


Past projects have focused on examining the ridiculous nature of cheaply mass produced commodities and examining the process of where and by whom these items are accumulated. Future projects will explore themes in trickle down marketing and cultural phenomenon surrounding convenience stores, salons, ghost hunting societies, car washes, and the self-help industry.




Carmen Tiffany and April Childers started Destineez Child in 2009 and have since taken the world by storm. They have recently shown in New York, Chicago, Ohio, and Miami. Carmen Tiffany resides in Miami. April Childers resides in New York. The members communicate through email and text to continue their mission.