William Powhida wrote about DC and the other projects after the fair here.


Ed Winkleman Gallery

Se7en Art Fair  2012

Art Basel Miami


April and Carmen would like to present to your our appearance at the Seven Art Fair during Miami Art Basel 2010. The idea for this project is that Jen Dalton and Bill Powhida wanted to examine artists ranks during a most famous event. They first did this project at Ed Winkleman Gallery and called it #class. Then they came to Miami and asked Dc and many others if we could all squeeze it in. Here is a statement from their page about the project:


"We are particularly interested in hearing your thoughts about the recent Miami art fair week, in whatever capacity you experienced them (ABMB VIP or avid AFC reader). We’d like to discuss those cultural, social, and artistic stratifications made plainly (and painfully) transparent during the art fairs. It’s not like these hierarchies don’t exist everywhere, but they become more diffuse and easier to ignore back here in New York for us. We’d like to have this discussion before the pressures of life make Miami fade into the background."


So DC set up shop! We presented the public with what we feel are societies most needed products. We want to thank Jen and Bill for inviting DC to participate in #rank so that we could show that even though our empire is greatly admired we have no problem showing Miami that we are willing to do anything for our fans. Charitable events such as these are in the backbone of DC's cares and wants for the world and our fans.